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Welcome to Adventures Not Wanted! We're happy to have you here to join us in a fun game that hopefully will have a little something for everyone (Except those nasty adventurers!). The fantasy game is based in the original setting of Anwick, a town that has reasons to dislike and distrust any party of adventurers that pass through. The town benefits from a dragon who lives on the side of the mountain the town is on. It turns out dragon dung can give magical properties to certain flowers it fertilizes!

Adventurers Not Wanted is an experiment combining MUSHING and Twitching. ReelFunSudios on Twitch is Bard on ANW. When streaming her art, she may also be in a scene that will be broadest over her twitch channel.

If you would like to play, but do not wish to participate on the Twitch channel, that is very fine. She will always let everyone know before she broadcasts anything on her channel.


We are in beta mode. CG is up an running and most of the grid is built and described. As time goes on we will continue to work on it, to give you more places to RP at.

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